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 All of our members have been clean and sober for at least 1 year, and have prospected in the Club for about 1 year as well. We do not require a Harley Davidson to ride with our Club, but it must be a motorcycle 500cc or above, with legal documents, insurance and have drivers license qualified for riding a motorcycle.


 We try to put balance in our riding schedule, we go to rallies, campouts, races and good ol' american BBQ's, we like to help support other clubs in Missouri and some in neighboring states, but we also do things just for ourselves and our families. We have a belief that our families are important in our lives, so we keep all involved as much as possible.

 All in all, New Breed is about a new attitude more than anything else, we do about as many things as any other bikers except we do it clean and sober..... and we have fun doing it.