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 Before Labor Day 1996; Keith, Mickey, and Michael had discussed starting a motorcycle club that would be for the clean and sober rider in Mid-Missouri.

 There was a Clean and Sober motorcycle club in the Kansas City area by the name of Visions MC. Visions had a camp out every Labor Day and at this camp out Michael asked Visions if they wanted to start a chapter in the Jefferson City area. Visions said no that this was not what they were wanting to do at this time.

 When Michael, Keith, and Mickey returned to the Mid-Mo area they decided to just start their own motorcycle club. This plan was discussed though the month of October and into the month of November.

 The three founding members sat down and set out to set up bylaws and rules for the club. At this time a name had not been chosen nor were colors picked out. On a Sunday afternoon at one of the clubs first meetings one of the three said that we were the "New Breed" of bikers and the name was found.

 We now had our name but no colors were picked. Many combinations were looked at and we finally got out a chart of NFL teams and choose the Raiders colors of black and silver.

 As for the patch many ideas came and went. One night at an A.A. meeting Michael picked up a catalog from Hazelden and saw the recovery coin from the Native Americans. The founding members took the cross out of the war shield and replaced it with the triangle. At first the circle and the seven feathers were used and the members felt that all seven feathers made the patch look too busy. The feathers were reduced to just two feathers on each side. The circle was later lost by suggestion of the other clubs. At this time the clean and sober bar was added just below the triangle.

 February 1997 found Keith and Michael by themselves because Mickey took a job in Kansas. It was a cold February and things were not looking well for the club. No prospects had been found yet. Michael told Keith that he did not care if it was just the two of them, that he was in it for the long haul. That the club would go forward. Keith agreed without blinking an eye.
The Club did start to grow and some prospects were found. This gave Keith and Michael hope that others would want what we had to offer. Slowly the Club started to grow and a Mickey returned from Kansas and took over the position of treasurer and the finances of the Club.

 October of 1998 the Club was placed in tee shirt status by the 1%ers in Missouri. We flew our colors on the front of a tee shirt for over a year and a half.
 In April of 2000 the Club was allowed to fly their colors on their vests but without the status of MC. In October 2004 the Club was awarded the MC by the 1%ers .

 Membership in the Club has waxed and waned but I can say that only one person has left the Club due to using alcohol and or drugs.
Mickey left the Club due to health problems but remains in touch with Club members.
Both Keith and Michael are still with New Breed MC..