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Well, get used to hearing that...if you prospect with us.

 Prospects serve the Club for at least 1 year...can be more if the Club feels more time is needed. Service to the Club essentially means doing things for the Club not individuals.... but a variety of tasks would be required.
 Qualifications for prospect: at least 1 year clean and sober (whether you got a "problem" or not)... a prospect would have to have a 500cc or above motorcycle(no trikes), have a valid operators liscense, insurance and legal documents.
 Prospects are often responsible for setting up/ tearing down campsites, cooking, cleaning....or whatever we need you to do for the Club. Prospects do not get a vote, but they do get input.  Quite seriously a good prospect listens, and follows the lead of the patch members..... in otherwords, you need to have some humility.